I’ve  wanted to write a novel since I was eight years old, when I made my first attempt at writing one by penning thirty hand-written pages (with illustrations) about a boy who found meaning when a multi-hued collie entered his life. I’ve been working on various sorts of stories ever since, but it’s only recently that I’ve become confident enough about my voice that I’ve wanted to share a lot more with others and receive feedback.

I’m the single mother of two teen boys, and I’ve both had and come into close contact with a number of forms of mental illness.  I want to use this blog to talk about mental illness and forms of recovery, as well as the ways that mental illness is perceived in our society.

Author: elisabethel

I'm a single mother of two teenagers with strong opinions and quick wit. One of the two - I'll call him Martin here - has been diagnosed with bipolar I and Aspergers. His younger brother - I'll be calling him Pete - has anxiety and depression. I also suffer from anxiety and depression, though much less so with medication. This blog is about family life with mental illness.

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